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-- 15 mins after being greeted by our server, when we still didn't get our bread basket, we had to ask another server who finally brought the bread to us.

-- After placing the order, it took 40+ mins for the food to be served

-- It was the worst food we have ever eaten in Cheesecake Factory. We had ordered Southwest Chicken Sandwich, Jamaican Shrimp/chicken, Kids pizza, Chilli stuffed appetizer

-- The chicken in the sandwich was half cooked. So we complained and another server took photo for record. Our server were not to be seen at all after taking the order.

-- The server took the sandwich back to get a fresh one. We were told that we will get a complimentary salad while we wait. Well that turned out to be a total mis-communication by the server. We were later told that not only will they charge us for the salad (which was the worst salad we have eaten), but they are not even making the sandwich for us !!!

-- They ran out shrimp on the Jamaican shrimp entry so they added more chicken instead. The shrimp was so rubbery that it was not possible to eat. The rice was not even half boiled.

-- Practically after an hour and thirty mins, we were all hungry with two kids.

-- My wife really wanted to take it up with the manager and not pay for the most horrendous food we ever ate. However, since it was my birthday, we decided to not ruin the rest of our evening and rather file a complaint with Cheesecake Factory.

Review about: The Cheesecake Factory Salad.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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Lol! You are either impossible to please or out to get a free birthday dinner .... My bet is on the free dinner!

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